How To Plan A Party With An African Theme

Posted on: 23 August 2017

Are you celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? Perhaps you are honoring out-of-town guests at a dinner party. For whatever reason you are hosting a party, if you have chosen an African theme, from the decorations to the entertainment, here are some ideas for you.

The Decorations - Think safari.

  • Put posters of wild animals on the walls and do cut-outs of animals like monkeys, elephants, giraffes, and other animals you would find in Africa. Place the cut-outs and the posters in strategic places and surround them with hanging plants and potted plants. Ferns would be great.
  • For the table, think about choosing brightly colored table mats and napkins in different prints. Don't forget to use leopard and other animal prints as part of the design.
  • Wooden animals and baskets of fruit would be a wonderful centerpiece. Another idea would be to place a votive candle and a small African animal at each place setting.
  • Try to accumulate African masks, even if you make them yourself. Place them in different parts of the room in which you will hold the party.

The Entertainment - Part of the fun will be to go with entertainment that will go with your African theme.

  • Consider getting a group of professionals to perform African entertainment for your guests. 
  • Another idea is to do a sing-along with songs like The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
  • Do you have a church in your area that has many people who are actually from Africa? If so, it would be wonderful to invite their choir to sing native African songs.
  • Perhaps your group would like to watch a movie together. If so, consider the classics like African Queen or Mogambo.

The Food - Will you be doing the cooking yourself, or will you be hiring a caterer to prepare and serve your meal?

  • If you are hiring a caterer, be sure to tell him or her that you are planning an African theme. The caterers will have the experience to serve something original that your guests will enjoy.
  • If you are doing the cooking, think of serving lots of different vegetables, both baked and grilled, and fish as the main course.
  • A cake would go with any of your African meal selections.Decorate the cake with little plastic animals that you can buy at a toy store.
  • Fruit punch, lemonade or spiced teas would be great for the beverage.

A fun take-home treat for your guests would be to give each one a box of animals crackers.


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